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As a photography and florist team, we "Create and Capture the Moment" with every event or photo session. We offer classic wedding and family photography in natural settings at your location of choice and our studio. Capturing a wedding party in a waterfall, on top of a mountain at a winery, riding a carousel or running through a meadow are some examples of our lighthearted artistic photography.

Creative and unique wedding and party flowers are also our specialty. Always thinking outside the box gave us the idea of floating huge pairs of gold fish in big clear globes with white Casablanca lilies and lots of three foot candles for a wedding reception. We've filled row boats full of flowers; hung a twelve foot alligator from the ceiling and of course created traditional and contemporary designs in gardens and historic hotels.

Wedding directing or consulting services are offered. Lots of our wedding couples benefit from our thirty (30) years of experience. Many of our clients love the fact that we can coordinate the planning, flowers and photography so that they and their families are free to enjoy the day.

Wildlife, floral, antique cars, boats, landscapes and other art expressions for your home and office are also available from our collection of "Art Expressions". Custom matting and framing are available for those unique expressions to be showcased.

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Thank You notes from happy customers!

"Hi Jerry and Carolyn,
We just wanted to give you guys a gigantic Thank You for everything you did to make our wedding day such a special, memorable day. You guys were a true pleasure to work with! Thank you for all that you helped us with in the planning process and for making sure everything went smoothly throughout our big day! The flowers were more beautiful than we could have ever envisioned ourselves. The pictures were awesome, you guys captured every beautiful moment. We also want to let you guys know how honored we were to be chosen to be models for your advertising bridal shoot. We had so much fun and are so thankful you gave us the opportunity to have that unforgettable experience and make those wonderful memories! You guys are the best! Thanks a bunch. "

"Dear Carolyn and Jerry,
Thanks so much for all your efforts on the flowers and photography for our wedding! We truly felt like we were in good, professional hands, as your were willing to meet and chat by phone prior to the wedding to ensure that we were happy with all of the floral arrangements and photo details. Your enthusiasm and attention to detail for our wedding and reception made us feel like you were just as excited about our wedding as we were!
The floral arrangements at the church and reception as well as the bouquets and boutonnieres reflected your commitment to our wedding. You were able to capture the tone that we wanted to convey while incorporating all of the flower types and colors that we requested. The flowers were beautiful and just looked perfect as everything came together that day.
Thanks also for making us feel special and comfortable as we were taking photos. Carolyn's kind words and suggestions for how to pose were very helpful as Jerry prepared for the next photo. We really enjoyed posing for all of the photos because we knew that you were working together to get the best shots possible."

"Jerry and Carolyn,
Thank you so much for all of your services leading up to and over the course of our wedding weekend. It was so much fun working with you and we appreciate all the hard work you put into our wedding.

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We both agreed that photography from our wedding was very important to us and we are excited to look back on your work from the day. These pictures and memories will always stay with us - thank you."

"Dear Carolyn and Jerry,
Thank you so much for all of your services leading up to and over the course of our wedding weekend. It was so much fun working with you and we appreciate all the hard work you put into our wedding. We both agreed that photography from our was very impotant to us and we are excited to look back on your work from the day. These pictures and Memories will always stay with us. Thank you"

"I really can't thank you both enough for all you did to make my daughter's wedding so special. The flowers were spectacular and I can't wait to see the photos! You make the perfect team to pull an event together".

"Carolyn and Jerry, as the mother of the groom at the wedding on Saturday, I can't thank you enough for your professional services. You were patient and not intrusive as the activities played out. Many at the reception praised you as you worked the room. Thank you."

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