As early as college in the sixties, photography was an interest and a enjoyment of mine. A Kodak onetwenty with the old pop out flash bulbs was a companion, and it produced some great memories. Through the years following college, the cameras changed and so did my subject matter. Shooting the weddings of two brothers and my father-in-law was a compliment to a young photographer. Each new wedding, or family session that I shoot has it's own personality; that's part of the enjoyment of my vocation. Meeting the many and varied individuals and working with them to get those moments to cherish is very rewarding for me.

Owning Woodsy World Florist and Plant shop with my wife for fifteen years taught me the beauty of flowers. Having been an active hunter, the camera has replaced the gun. The mountains now are a source of great pictures. Mountain Laurel in full bloom, humming birds, wildlife and protected flowers like the "Pink Lady Slippers" that abound on our property are all inspirational subjects. With the purchase of studio lights and backdrops came some great private shoots for friends and relatives---- Lots of fun!

Advances in technology have provided amazing new possibilities for photographers. It's possible to manipulate the digital images into much more interesting results. I have decided to offer my expressions of art to the public for your enjoyment. Hopefully, you will see some of the beauty that nature has provided me.


As a child, I picked all of my mother's and grandmother's flowers. I even picked field Queen Ann's Lace, quince, mock orange, forsythia, peonies, roses, iris, lilies and many other gorgeous flowers.

In 1982, Jerry and I purchased Woodsy World Florist and Plant Shop which we successfully operated for fifteen years. Our shop sold many designs from traditional, contemporary, ikebana, biedermeier and we did parties comprised of boats full of flowers to decorating entire restaurants for events. Smaller more intimate and elegant events have also required our talents. Of Course, we have created floras for weddings in many price ranges.

When working with a customer, I like to show them lots of pictures of flowers and decor and ask lots of questions to ensure that I know what my customer wants. Nothing makes me happier than my customer saying "WOW! The decorations are even more beautiful than I expected".